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Welcome Bridging the gap between the “creatives” and the “suits,” New York University has created a dual-degree graduate program that gives aspiring film producers and individuals who want to be entertainment industry executives the knowledge to navigate the fast-changing landscape of financing and filmmaking today. The joint MBA/MFA degree is a partnership of two world-class programs, NYU’s Stern School of Business and Kanbar Institute of Film & Television at the Tisch School of the Arts.

The MBA/MFA degree is a three-year program that enables students to pursue both degrees simultaneously. It attracts the very best producing candidates by focusing on both the creative and business sides of film. Designed to be the most comprehensive of its kind, using the top faculty and resources of each school, the dual-degree program produces highly employable individuals sought by the major film studios, independent production companies, and the major television studios and networks.

The curriculum is rigorous and demanding. It provides all the traditional MBA skills, plus courses dealing with the business side of the entertainment industry and a full MFA curriculum in filmmaking. Students must be accepted by both schools and spend about half their time taking courses at each. In addition, students become highly involved in film projects and most find time for internships sometime during their program. Our overall goal is to prepare the next generation of industry leaders who understand the complexity of the business and at the same time understand what it takes to make great films.